If you have recently taken up photography and have made it into a business but you need some guidance on giving it momentum, or you are part time and want to know what it takes to go full time, this is for YOU! Mentor session with me can look however you want them to. I ask my mentees what they would like to know and I customize each session to fit their needs! I may not have the answer to everything because I am still learning how to run my business better everyday, but I can promise to give you all the knowledge I have from the years of experience I've gained in running my business. These mentor session are geared more towards people that are just starting out and need that extra push/insightful education into launching themselves as a business! If this interests you at all, check out one of my past mentee's reviews below! 


 Investment For Photographers

Past Mentee Review!

"Abbey has been a photographer I've looked up to since I came across her instagram + booked her for my own couples photos. 

I have always loved photography, but there was something specific about her style, quality and authenticity that drove me to want mentorship from her. for a while, I was so intimidated by the business side of photography. So when I finally decided to jump right into photography seriously, I reached out to her for mentorship!

She offered me so much useful information (she even wrote me an entire booklet to refer to!). Then we did a couples photoshoot together, which gave me opportunity to observe her flow and posing styles. 

Since my mentorship program, I feel like I have a roadmap to work with and have an intentional direction for my business. I feel like I have gained such valuable skills and knowledge that will increase my value not only in my photography, but increase my overall confidence as a photographer."

- Krista Wald Photos

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