Faith + Elijah

Hello my lovely friends!

This past weekend I shot my first wedding for the year of 2019 and let me tell ya it was a blast and I can't wait to share more about it with you guys. I second shot for my dear friend Sarah Akiyama who is from my hometown and also went to Biola with me for a little bit. It was so fun to finally get the chance to shoot a wedding with her! This beautiful couple, Faith and Elijah, are probably the cutest dang couple ever and watching them get giddy over each other all day long was the cutest thing on earth.

The details in the getting ready stages get me SO excited with the bride and her tribe! It's really hard for me to contain my excitement on wedding days because I just get so excited about love, and all the sweet moments that are coming later in the day that I get to witness as a photographer!

What a privilege it is to be such a large part of a bride and grooms day. I can never express how much I love it because it is so special to me.

This BHLD gown from Anthropologie gave me heart eyes all day

It's so cool when you can see the true and genuine love between two people on their wedding day. This couple's vows had me almost weeping because they were written so beautifully. The way that the groom looked at his bride reminds me so much of how God looks at us even when we are in the midst of sin. I love how representational marriage is of God's character and how God intended it to be reflective of his love for the church (the bride).

Thank you for checking out my first wedding blog post! I'm so honored to get to be apart of people's big days and getting to capture authentic moments between them. It was such a gift to capture this couple and I am so grateful to be in this business!


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