Hawaii Beach Couples Session for Grace + Justin

My husband and I got to spend an entire weekend in Maui with Grace and Justin and it was an absolute DREAM. I have been looking forward to this shoot since they booked me last year! We started out at the beach in the morning for a beachy swim session and then hung out until sunset for their vows! They wanted to write personal vows for each other since their vows since they didn't do personal vows at their wedding years prior. I was so honored to have been asked to be there and capture them so intimately for this shoot! We immediately connected with them and felt like we've known them forever by the time we had to leave! It was so sad to say goodbye! But these guys are definitely forever friends now because we will see them again someday without a doubt!

This is part 1 of this shoot! The Vow renewal will be in a separate blog post!


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